What you always wanted to know about tattoos

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Perhaps you have already looked in a few shops. Maybe you even have the design you want. Whatever your situation is at the moment, it can be an overwhelming world in which to enter when you are uninformed. The fact that your choice will be for life, "getting inked" becomes a milestone in your life. Something that one should explore fully so informed decisions can be made on the many aspects of the art.
This documentary is an introduction into the world of tattooing and highlights many of the facts that should be known before you sit down in that tattoo chair. Knowledge is power. Being well informed will ease any insecurity that you might have.

Explore the options with the professionals. Listen to reputable artists such as Bernie Luther (Vienna Austria) "Skull" (Belfast Ireland) Travis Troublemaker (US) and "Eddy" (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Hear directly from these experts from different parts of the world on those specific facts about tattooing that are universal.

    Topics discussed include:
  • Tattoo history
  • Physiology of a tattoo
  • First questions to ask
  • Think before you ink
  • Styles
  • Choosing an artist
  • How not to be a "bad" customer
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Cost
  • Risks
  • What is a "Scratcher"?
  • Tattoo conventions and should you get a tattoo there
  • Selecting the size of a tattoo
  • Pain
  • Aftercare
  • And many more tattoo facts including the step-by-step process of two different artists working on tattoo's from start to finish.
One full hour of concentrated information to make this very important event less stressful in the decision making process, or simply to inform the curious.

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Customer quotes:
  • The video is excellent. [...] The content was pitched *just right* for the intended audience. I also think the addition of the 2 tattoo procedures at the end of the video was an excellent idea and will certainly take away some of the mystery for the first time tattoo customer.
    (Alan, Blue Moon Tattoo, Scotland)

  • Very professional, very informative. I learned a lot. ("EMK", The Netherlands)

  • *Exactly* what I needed to know. Thanks! (Johannes, Denmark)

  • [...] even in the best tattoo shop you will not find anyone who will talk to you for an hour and explain the whole process. [...] This [video] really explains and illustrates everything I wanted to know. (Rainer W., Germany)

  • I was lucky to find this [video]. [...] I was sceptic in the beginning when they [rem: a UK tattoo shop] offered it, but it turned out to be a real good investment before getting my first tattoo! (Jen, London, UK)

  • [...]very well done. (Dan W., IL, USA)

  • [the tape was] really cool, professional, easily understood [...] (Cat, Ireland)

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What you always wanted to know about tattoos
An introduction to the world of tattooing

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