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About Us

TattooFlash.Info is a web page dedicated to free tattoo flash.
The difference in the concept of is, that compared to a "regular" free flash page, does not host any free flash itself, but it links to more than 350 tattoo-pages that offer free flash.
If the search engines would do their job correctly, there would be no sense in running a page like this. But since you get 98% useless links, as soon as you include the word 'free' in any search, and it's concept is a total success.

TattooFlash.Info - Some background information:

Our page started up as a personal home page in 1998, it hosted free flash designs until about mid-1999, then we started linking to free flash pages.

Here is "the story told":
My son started drawing tattoo designs and asked me in summer 1998, if I could post his flash on our personal home page. Since I was very happy about him wanting to go in that direction, I made some pages with his flash for free download. Unfortunately he lost interest after a while, and I took the designs down, since nothing was updated any more. The search engines however had listed these pages already, and I did not want to give visitors a 'page not found' message. So I searched for some other pages with good free flash, and posted the links on the page instead of the designs.
This is when the strange thing happened: Instead of five visitors a week, all of a sudden five visitors a day looked at that page, then ten, then even more.
So I added more links, and after I had about a dozen links, I started to rank them. The number of visitors kept increasing and I added more and more links and features (Message board, News letter).
When I had over 500 visitors per day in October 2001, I got an email from my Web-hosting-company. They told me, that I was using up too much bandwidth and that I should upgrade my account. So it was either shutting the whole thing down, or 'going for it'.
I decided to move the pages from a personal home page to an own domain and installed a shop to help me pay for it. TattooFlash.Info was born.
In the mean time we have more than 4,000,000 page requests a month, are amongst the Top 3 of almost all major search engines and have branches and partner-pages in the US, England, Germany and Austria.

If you are a member of the press / media and you require more information about TattooFlash.Info, please feel free to request our Press / Media-kit via our contact form..