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Tattoo FAQ 25: Can you remove a tattoo without a doctor?

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Tattoo FAQ 15: Can I get a tattoo on the earlobe?

Original question from our visitor: I was told that getting a tattoo on your earlobe wouldn't look good because the skin regenerates all the time and the tattoo will constantly stretch and change. Do you know if this is correct?


The skin regenerates all the time no matter where it is on your body and we want this! It is going to regenerate faster when we are younger, especially when we are growing up and in our young adult years. I think it is basically every 7 years we are "new" again, completely regenerated everything with a few exceptions like teeth I would think but I could be wrong on that.
With ink, the obvious thing to remember here is skin that is exposed all the time is going to be harder to keep younger looking. Sun, wind, the regular exposure of day-to-day life plays havoc on our hands, face, and neck areas. The ears are extremely vulnerable to the elements even if we have long hair.

Another thing with an earlobe tattoo is it is going to be really, really small. These tattoos are so bloody hard to keep looking good as it is that I totally would not ever recommend one on any part of the body. Add that size problem with exposure, and well, Id say never mind, but that's just me.

I had an acquaintance in the Navy who had 2 little hearts tattooed on her ears in place of earrings because we weren't usually allowed to wear anything of color. The little hearts looked dumb. It looked like an infection from a distance even when fully healed, and only when you got right up and looked at them in the 1st year did they look like hearts. I wonder what they look like now 25 years after the fact? Not as good as my clean traditional designs of a decent size I can honestly expect.

Personally, I'd say don't do it. I'm not one to tattoo above the neck, or below the wrist. My sleeve stops a couple inches from my wrist and I like it that way. It looks clean, not to busy and doesn't clash with clothes/colors.

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