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Tattoo FAQ 25: Can you remove a tattoo without a doctor?

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Tattoo FAQ 06: Getting tattooed with parental consent

Original question from our visitor:
can i get a tattoo in england if i have the permission of my parents? if im only 15 years old.

A law is a law. Your parents dont have the right to let you break the law. If there is an age restriction, just like say a speed limit for driving, a note from mommy ain't gonna get you off for speeding. However, some laws have built in possibilities, like a legal age for marriage which requires one to be 18 to do it legally on their own or 16 if the parents sign on. Most of these types of laws are local not nationally implemented so you need to check your local laws for this.

I had to wait until my 18th birthday and I had already been married (got married way to early the 1st time with my parents signing for me) and was active duty military in the US. I could go and bloody die for "my country" but I couldnt get a tattoo or go in a bar or vote. So I know it can be frustrating. However, I also know the tattoo art style I liked at 18 is in general what I still like now. Luckily I have lived long enough to see that Traditional designs which were part of my Navy military surroundings when I got my 1st tat are still very much what I love and have become even more popular than I imagined so I lucked out. But I have had friends who go nuts on their 18th birthday and ended up getting something that later they have regretted because they chose the tattoo with an 18 year old party time attitude and not much thought about how they might feel in the future about the design itself. To them, they "tattoo" was the goal, not the design itself meaning anything. Not the way to go.

Getting a tattoo needs to be a mature decision. Not something one does while drunk on liberty (I wasnt drunk when I got mine and most artists wont touch you if you are), or because they want to be cool at school. I knew when I was 13, I would get a tattoo so I believe you can make that choice now to be an inked person but you have to be mature enough to know you have to follow the laws in order to do it right. You must wait for a lot of things in life that you want and a tattoo is no exception. Just think about all the things you can learn about the tattooing process and art itself before you sit down in that chair. An artist usually appreciates a knowledgeable client.
On top of all that: If you find a tattoist that actually does agree to give a 15-year old a tattoo, I would really question his professionalism.

Check your local laws, study the art, and find that artist(s) you really like. Save your money to do it right. Its an investment in your body and your life. Dont rush.

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