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Tattoo FAQ 25: Can you remove a tattoo without a doctor?

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Tattoo FAQ 03: Tattooing names again... tattooing on the hands

Original question from our visitor: My husband and I want to get each others names tattoed on our ring fingers. Is that illegal in any states? What does it usually run to have one done? And is there anywhere I can look up respected tattoo artists in our area? Neither of us have ever had one done so we're new to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

See the previous response to "name" tattoo's. Its not what we recommend anyone do. Also, taking into consideration getting a tattoo on your hand is also going against a few grains in the tattoo community for various personal reasons, its hard for me to give you un-biased opinion, however, I will attempt to give you a factual answer.
We are not aware of every single state and their specific laws when it comes to tattooing. Instead of asking about all the states, it might have been better to tell us what state you are from and we might have been able to look up that specific state. That being said, you can very easily check your phone book or the nearest larger city phone book for tattoo studios. They are listed there like any other business and most of them are quite willing to tell you what is legal and what isnt because they simply do not want to do something illegal. This their life and livelihood and so I know they wont do it if it is illegal in that particular state risking being shut down.
I do know from being around many artists that they have a personal code where they will not tattoo above the neck or beyond the wrist toward the hand. This is an artists prerogative.
There is no "usual"amount for any tattoo. Every artist sets the way they want to be paid. Some by the hour. Some by the size of the area to be inked, some by the type/genre of work, and some demand 500 bucks just to sit down in their chair and talk the design over and apply it later to the work if done, and you lose it if you decide not to go for the tattoo AND they have many people waiting for the opportunity to plunk down that 500 bucks! Its all up to the artist.
If your new to the tattoo scene what you may not know is there is a huge celebrity thing with artists. Some folks will travel thousands of miles to get tattooed by a specific person paying top dollar for the honor. And I dont mean to sound cheesy but sometimes it feels like that for me. Im awed by certain artists and will pay for that. Gladly. You want a piece of original art by a famous artist or are you happy with the same "Home Interiors"generic artwork that everyone buys at a home party while eating brownies? You make the call.

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