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Tattoo FAQ 25: Can you remove a tattoo without a doctor?

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Tattoo FAQ 02: Getting a name tattooed, choosing a spot on the body

Original question from our visitor:
i just want to ask for some help please. me and my girlfriend are planning on getting tattoos of each others names, i just dont want it to be too noticeable yet not too hiden either and would like it to be in an unusual place, do you have any ideas in which could help me, and thankyou for your time x

Answer: The age old want to have a name on our bodies is a real touchy subject in itself. Some folks believe it jinxes the relationship. I know speaking from experience, the name I had on my back, I divorced 20 years ago. It is long been covered up with a stained glass bird design.
And yet till this day, I have to say Im as guilty as the next romantic wanting to have my present mate on my arm or leg. The thing is, I do believe that it jinxes. Think of the Norman Rockwell portrait of the sailor on leave getting the next name added to his arm. Ach!

These days the only names I have on my body are my children in a very pretty traditional swallow holding a ribbon. I will never "break up" from these 2 even though Id like to kick their asses at times. They are now 23 and 18, and my oldest has a child and Im already setting up the lower leg with ribbons that will carry the grandchildren's names. Again, these are blood relatives that will never change.
Ok, all that stuff being said as I feel I must being old and wise...(cough) maybe a few ideas here to help you:
You have to decide whether it is noticeable or not by placing it where you can cover it with clothing. In general, you just cant have it both ways but obviously an ankle will be seen less that a forearm most of the time, but not always. Depends on how you dress. If you dont want it to be seen unless you show it to someone then look at your body and decide what area is covered up most of the time.

As for a special place... :-) Well thats subjective and only you and your girlfriend know what parts you like best. Ive seen a really sexy tat on the inside of the thigh that was a message for a lover or a funny one with a "This way" sign. Just remember if you want to show people this, you will have to drop your pants and while this in itself is a personal choice to do, etiquette prevails at most venues that this is not exactly acceptable behavior. Do you both have a place that is special on each other bodies? A favorite place to nuzzle? A place that when you think of your partner, it just is what you think of? The back of the neck for example? Thats a nice place and you can grow your hair to cover it and wear it up when you want to show it off. No clothes need be removed...:-) Unless your in to that of course.



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