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Tattoo FAQ 01: Finding a tattoo design

Original question from our visitor:
i want a tattoo but i haven't found a design i like but i would preferably like something that is going to be my own but i'm shit at drawing.
i have an idea in mind but how would i go about designing it?

Oh yes... The dilemma of knowing you want a great tattoo but cant draw yourself. Welcome to my own personal nightmare.
I have this site as one possible solution to your problem:
Other options are playing with a program on a computer that helps you draw. Printing it up and there ya go. I've done that. Scan certain designs, over lay them and come up with something that way.
Also, I use books. Personally, I have an entire children's novel tattooed on my thigh. Not the words... But I took pictures from throughout the book, and laid them out in one large scene. Its awesome and looks very "Me".
Dont be afraid to use what happens to come to you as parts of the finished product. However you put things together tells alot about you. I've sat as a judge in tattoo conventions and trust me, even if you may have seen something like it elsewhere, each person carries it differently. Traditional designs are a good example of that.

Good luck.

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