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how to tattoo

how to tattoo

Tattoo FAQ 25: Can you remove a tattoo without a doctor?

how to tattoo

how to tattoo

how to tattoo

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Tattoo F.A.Q's

We get a lot of mail from visitors asking us questions about tattoos. Below a few examlples that might help people who are new to the industry or to tattooing all together. Click on the Tattoo-FAQ-links to see our answers.

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Tattoo FAQ 01: Finding a tattoo design

Original question from our visitor:
i want a tattoo but i haven't found a design i like but i would preferably like something that is going to be my own but i'm shit at drawing.
i have an idea in mind but how would i go about designing it?

Tattoo FAQ 02: Getting a name tattooed, choosing a spot on the body

Original question from our visitor:
i just want to ask for some help please. me and my girlfriend are planning on getting tattoos of each others names, i just dont want it to be too noticeable yet not too hiden either and would like it to be in an unusual place, do you have any ideas in which could help me, and thankyou for your time x

Tattoo FAQ 03: Tattooing names again... tattooing on the hands

Original question from our visitor:
My husband and I want to get each others names tattoed on our ring fingers. Is that illegal in any states? What does it usually run to have one done? And is there anywhere I can look up respected tattoo artists in our area? Neither of us have ever had one done so we're new to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Tattoo FAQ 04: Getting a 'small' or 'subtle' tattoo

Original question from our visitor:
i'm considering getting a tattoo on the back of my shoulder. i want something subtle, which can preferably only been seen when looked at closely. i was thinking about getting a small design which looks a bit like lace with butterflies and lilys. i was thinking about getting it done in white but i've heard that some tattoo artists won't do this and i've also heard that they fade easily. can you give me information about this? and any ideas on what i should do?

Tattoo FAQ 05: Getting tattooed before or after a diet

Original question from our visitor:
If I have a tattoo done on my left lower back (max size 10cm x 5cm) and then loose between 15 and 20 kgs, will this influence the shape, quality etc of the tattoo. Your honest comments are very much appreciated.

Tattoo FAQ 06: Getting tattooed with parental consent

Original question from our visitor:
can i get a tattoo in england if i have the permission of my parents? if im only 15 years old.

Tattoo FAQ 07: How much does a Tattoo cost? How long will it take?

Original question from our visitor:
I am looking for how much it would cost to have my entire back done. I also would like to know how long it would take to have done. There is already a Thresher Shark tail on my left shoulder that I would like to encompass into a oceanic scene. The main feature I want is a big Whale Shark facing up at an angle towards my right shoulder. I want alot of additional sea life around this shark and corals etc.

Tattoo FAQ 08: How do I become a tattoo artist?

How do you become a tattoo artist? Do you go to school for it or do you just get an apprenticeship somewhere?

Tattoo FAQ 09: Can you tattoo over a scar?

Original question from our visitor:
I was thinking about getting a tattoo to cover up some scars of mine, but a friend told me that you can't get a tattoo on a scar. Is that true?

Tattoo FAQ 10: Can you get tattoos on your breasts when you have implants?

Original question from our visitor:
I have a really important question about tatooing (well, important to me anyway!!)
I had breast cancer and had both of my breast removed and "reconstucted," i.e. saline implants that feel close to the surface b/c I do not have any breast tissue, just the implants and my skin. the reconstruction job is fairly shitty but my doctor is an ass and won't write a good reason for the reconstruction to be redone.
So, over the last few years I've thought it would be cool to simply have the breast tatooed with big flowers or something. Do you know anyone who has ever done this with reconstructed breasts? Can it be done? How far does the needle go in? Any info would be sooooo great and really appreciated.

Tattoo FAQ 11: Can I donate blood after getting a tattoo?

Original question from our visitor:
I wanted to know if it is true that once i get a tattoo i cant donate blood again.

Tattoo FAQ 12: Will a tattoo on the foot fade faster than a tattoo somewhere else?

Original question from our visitor:
I'm wondering if locating a tattoo on the top of the foot is "unwise". SOME artists have told me it won't hold up well--others said they do lots & they are fine---is it true that it will fade faster--and if so, how quickly?? --how long is it reasonable to expect a tattoo to stay sharp (anywhere) comparatively? Are we talking 10 years on a thigh as opposed to 5 on a foot? I'd appreciate any help since it may affect my final decision whether or not to get one

Tattoo FAQ 13: Lower Back Tattoos and pregnancy / epidurals

Original question from our visitor:
if i get a tattoo on my lower back and 3 to 4 years later i get pregnant, will it harm me or my baby?

Tattoo FAQ 14: Can you shave a tattooed area without damaging the tattoo?

Original question from our visitor:
if you get a tattoo where you shave are you allowed to shave it after it heals and will it fade faster or get messed up when you shave?

Tattoo FAQ 15: Can I get a tattoo on the earlobe?

Original question from our visitor:
I was told that getting a tattoo on your earlobe wouldn't look good because the skin regenerates all the time and the tattoo will constantly stretch and change. Do you know if this is correct?

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